David L. Jackson
What we find most true in any situation of change, one that breaks the line of toxicity—is an individual who dared to stand in the margin. One who dared to dream large—but never within the parameters of reality but somehow creating the unimaginable. David L. Jackson is this person and more. A man defined by his tenacious approach with a gentle hand to sturdy the rocky ship we have grown to call education.

David L. Jackson is an Educator, Curriculum Developer, Author, and Co-Founder of The Project T.H.U.G Fellowship program who prides on standing within his truth.

Born in Miami, to immigrant Jamaican parents, Jackson has become a young mover and shaker in his home county. Though adversity is no stranger – Jackson welcomes his past with open arms as a means to use the sum of his experiences as teachings for others.

He completed his Undergraduate Degree majoring in history and secondary education at Syracuse University. As a student activist, Jackson answered a call to fight injustices against an underrepresented people. Addressing cuts to scholarships, study abroad programs, and financial aid which all support Black students. Jackson fearlessly placed himself on the forefront of action, to voice, the voices of those who felt their voices didn’t exist.

As a teacher, Jackson has moved with aggression to viciously attack the educational inequity within his community. He serves as the 8th grade lead, transitional success coordinator, and African American English teacher at Beacon College Prep in Miami. Jackson teaches everyday with the goal of ensuring students leave his classroom not only having mastered the subject but feel ready to take their learning back into the world.

Jackson is currently the co-founder and Director of External Affairs of Project T.H.U.G. It is his vision to develop well equipped young black men into beacons of integrity, character, service, and uplift. Jackson, has been nominated for several community awards – and leadership academies recognizing his hard work and dedication in his community. As a product of his environment – Jackson understands HIS community means HIS responsibility.

Rashard Johnson
Rashard believes that to reach the zenith of your potential, one must be willing to pursue the impossible.

In the future, Rashard wants to continue to create equity for underrepresented student success by enhancing their educational experiences, career opportunities, service learning, and life skills development.

Rashard Johnson grew up navigating some of the toughest neighborhoods in Miami, Florida. Rashard moved from Overtown to Little Haiti, and then ultimately North Miami. Each relocation brought initial hope but never failed to eventually bring about the same difficulties he and his family had been trying to avoid. Crime, poverty, and destitution acted as a dark cloud lingering over his communities.

As the first member of his family in a position to attend an institution of higher education, Rashard was able to finally pursue the impossible. Following a successful undergraduate stint, Rashard graduated from Florida State University with a B.S in Sport Management with many accolades including being crowned the 2016 Homecoming Chief.

Wanting to fulfill his insatiable drive for success and student engagement, he went on to acquire his Masters in Higher Education Administration from Louisiana State University. Rashard served as a Graduate Assistant for Campus Life for two years where he advised students in leadership development, program management, membership retention, community engagement, professional development, and wellness behaviors.

Rashard served as an on-call crisis management rotation contact for the university, responded to safety concerns, and student issues. Rashard currently works at Florida Memorial University serving as the Director of Black Male College Explorers Program. Rashard’s tenure on both college campuses allowed him to grow as an individual while also fostering change within his community. Regardless of the various organizations in which he found himself at the helm, the goal was always the same; provide a voice for the voiceless and hope for the hopeless.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.