A place where we can change the generic vernacular of terms often not used within our community. A Fellowship. 

Project T.H.U.G. targets adolescent black males in their Junior year of high school and senior year of middle school. Fellows who enter the program will participate in an 8-month intensive program – capped with a service program to graduate. The program will promote both aspects in which they often do not intersect. Promoting both education and vocation through a rather holistic approach. The fellowship focuses on what it looks like to create a well-rounded young man of valor. The idea is to plant seeds early on in hopes that they will one-day blossom and bear fruit in which our community will be able to harvest. Ultimately, the investment is long-term – but one that will create a cycle of young men coming back to cultivate their communities. 


Project T.H.U.G seeks to destroy the barriers created by the very tool deemed to be our savior “education.” School segments a people forcing us to believe only certain career goals, or personal aspirations are worth celebrating and others shouldn’t be discussed at all.


Alumni Course Offering

  • Workshop Facilitation Training
  • PT Alumni Advisory
  • Bang N The Pots (Culinary Experience)
  • Special Operations & Logistics
  • Marketing & Photography

About Our Course Offerings

Workshops occur every Saturday and Sunday until the fellowship finishes. Our workshop topics change every year in correlation with the final group project at the end of the year. Outside of physical workshops, Fellows are given an academic advisor – which they meet with twice a month in between workshops periods. Our fellows also engage in virtual bi-weekly development sessions.

Service projects are picked once a year. These projects are created based on the immediate needs of the community.

Project T.H.U.G. targets two sectors of adolescent black males in their Junior year of high school and senior year of middle school. Young men who have aspirations of pursuing a degree – and young men who plan on entering the workforce through vocation. The individuals selected will participate in an 8-month intensive fellowship (two sessions a month) combining the two worlds while focused on the holistic development of the individual. It is his vision to develop well equipped young black men into beacons of integrity, character, service, and uplift.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.